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Boatman BTM300 Power Station

With AC 220V output, 72000mAh capacity, and rapid charging, it's your go-to companion. Dual-way P065W2 charging, DC 12V output, and QC 18W tech provide seamless power. Illuminate with built-in LED. Reliable power, anywhere you go.

Introducing the BTM300 Power Station – your ultimate energy solution. With AC 220V output, powerful 72000mAh capacity, and quick charging capabilities, it's your perfect companion for any adventure. Equipped with P065W2 dual-way charging, DC 12V output, and QC 18W technology, it ensures seamless power delivery. Illuminate your path with the built-in LED flashlight and enjoy the convenience of quick charging. The BTM300 is your gateway to reliable power on the go.


Product Name BTM300 Power Station
AC 220V output
P065W Dual charging
DC 12V
QC 18W
LED Flash Light
Quick Charge
Sine Wave


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