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Boatman Leader Series RC Bait Boat

Boatman Leader Series Bait Boat, GPS Version, smart navigation mastery. One-touch return, 500m remote, dual-screen control, 6kg payload. Innovations for seamless fishing. Pro Version, sonar fish detection, cruise control - for angling experts. Fighter Series, blending tech and power, leading the era of intelligent and professional fishing.

GPS Version:
"Boatman Leader Series Bait Boat GPS Version blends high-tech with fishing, offering an unprecedented smart experience. One-touch return, auto-return, 500m remote range - navigate with ease. Dual-screen unified control, 4 independent bait hatches, 56 memory points, and rear hook for added flexibility. A robust 6kg payload suits all fish sizes. GPS positioning, auto-return, automated baiting, confident navigation. Signal loss, low battery, distance exceeded - automatic return ensures stability. Boatman DL GPS, leading intelligent fishing, mastery in your hands!"


Pro Version:
"Boatman Leader Series Bait Boat Pro Version meets your demands with professional-grade performance and features. Dual-frequency sonar, 40m depth, 100° angle, 0.1m precision - detects and predicts underwater scenarios. Level 5 wind resistance, dual-hull design for balanced stability in diverse waters. Cruise control system, gyro correction, swift straight-line navigation. LED lights, high-speed motor - night fishing made easy. Boatman DL Pro, expert navigation, a must for angling masters."

Boatman Leader Bait Boat Series, exceed expectations, placing control and professionalism in your hands. GPS navigation leads the way, Pro Version elevates tech and performance, seamlessly merging intelligence with expertise. Whether a fishing enthusiast or a pro angler, Boatman Leader Series offers endless possibilities, maximizing fishing joy. Choose Boatman Leader for exceptional angling, embracing future sailing fun!


Product Name Leader Bait Boat
Model:  Leader 
Anti-wave Level:  Level 5
Hopper Capacity:  7kg 
Working time:  5h 
Battery:  7.4V-20000mah*2
Configuration:  GPS/PRO
Control Distance:   500m
Maxspeed:  80m/min
Boat Size: 69*48*32cm 
Packing size:   84*57*38cm
GPS Parameter
Waypoint:  1 Home Point,56 Navigation point
Distance presentacion :  Between boat and home point
  Between boat and target point
  Between boat and navigation point
Automatic Return :   
 Beyond max navigation distance   
 Signal lost   
 Low battery  
 Auto return after releasing bait  
SONAR Parameter
Screen display:  4.7 inch 
Detection Angle:   100°
Accuracy error:  10cm 
Small fish size:  10-40cm
Big fish size:  more than 80cm
Detection depth: 0.6-80m 
Working distance:   300m
Fish alarm:  distinguish size of fish 
Middle fish size: 40-80cm


Boatman is a professional manufacturer of RC bait boats. We specialize in bulk exporting of RC bait boats worldwide. Feel free to inquire about bulk orders and request a quotation from us!



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