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Boatman Actor Plus Series RC Bait Boat

Boatman Actor Plus Series Bait Boats - Fulfilling Your Diverse Needs! Basic for stability, 3kg spacious hold, embrace fishing joy. Sonar variant for underwater insight. GPS edition navigates with 28 pinpoint waypoints. Pro boasts European tech, 0.1m sonar precision, and unified remote. From Basic to Pro, Boatman elevates your angling, amplifying your catch! Choose Boatman, and embrace the future of fishing fun!

Basic Version:
Discover Boatman Actor Plus Bait Boat Basic Version, delivering exceptional performance and reliable features for an immersive fishing experience. With Level 3 wind resistance and extraordinary stability, it's your gateway to angling joy. The 3kg generous bait hold ensures abundant catches, simplifying your fishing journey. Command with ease - a 500m control range gives you mastery. Enjoy extended 2.5-hour usage, enduring and convenient. Swift navigation, precise baiting - the Basic Version, an embodiment of fishing excitement.


Sonar Version:
Introducing Boatman Actor Plus Bait Boat Sonar Version, where intelligent cruise correction meets sonar fish discovery. 100° sonar angle, 40m depth, 10cm accuracy - uncover underwater secrets flawlessly. Small or large fish, all within your gaze. Fish alarms distinguish, granting insight into subaquatic scenarios. A 3kg bait hold, adaptable single/dual compartments. Dive into tech-enhanced angling, capturing more with the Sonar Version.


GPS Version:
Embark with Boatman Actor Plus Bait Boat GPS Version - a voyage of automated navigation. 28 waypoints for precise, confident journeys. 2m accuracy, full-course guidance. Auto-return on signal loss, low battery, distance exceeded. Automated bait placement, and seamless water navigation. Clear trajectory display, target input via TXT. Boatman GPS Version, sailing into a new era of convenience.


Pro Version:
Elevate your angling with Boatman Actor Plus Bait Boat Pro Version - professional craftsmanship, and leading-edge technology. Nationally patented, pinpoint baiting, European innovation. Sonar precision to 0.1m, 100° angle, displayed on a 3.5-inch screen. Prolonged battery, lasting endurance. Unified remote control, a single screen mastery. Boatman Pro, empowering fishing experts, pioneering intelligent navigation.

Boatman Actor Plus Bait Boat Series:


With a capacious bait hold, Level 4 wind resistance, and diverse versions, it caters to your unique needs. From Basic to Pro, innovation meets intelligent navigation, fostering the flourishing of the fishing industry. Choose Boatman for wisdom, sail the future, and relish the joy of angling!


Product Name Actor Plus Bait Boat
Model:  Actor Plus
Anti-wave Level:  Level 3 
Hopper Capacity:  3kg 
Working time: 2.5h 
Battery:  10000mah 
Control Distance:   500m
Max speed:  70m/min 
Boat Size:  555*295*219mm 
Packing size: 650*350*275mm 
Configuration:  Basic/GPS/SONAR/PRO
GPS Parameter
Memory point :  1 Home Point, 28 Navigation point
Automatic Return:  Beyond max navigation distance Signal lost
Distance presentacion :  Between boat and home point
  Between boat and target point
  Between boat and navigation point
Target point TXT entering function   
Default home point  
repair adjusting interface  
SONAR Parameter
Screen display:  3.5inch 
Detection Angle:  100°
Accuracy error:  10cm 
Small fish size:  10-40cm 
Big fish size:  more than 80cm
Detection depth:  0.6-40m 
Working distance:  300m 
Fish alarm:  distinguish the size of fish 
Middle fish size:  40-80cm


Boatman is a professional manufacturer of RC bait boats. We specialize in bulk exporting of RC bait boats worldwide. Feel free to inquire about bulk orders and request a quotation from us!



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