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Boatman Fighter Series RC Bait Boat

Boatman Fighter Series Bait Boats, from GPS to Pro versions, redefine intelligent fishing. GPS version boasts 500m casting range, auto-return, one-touch return - making navigation effortless. Pro version excels, dual-frequency sonar, 80m depth, 0.1m precision - seize prime fishing spots. High-speed motor, LED lights - smoother angling. Whether smart navigation or pro fishing, Boatman BL meets your needs, elevating fishing joy! Choose Boatman Fighter, choose intelligence, expertise - elevate your

GPS Version:
"Boatman Fighter Series Bait Boat GPS Version, crafting a new era of intelligent angling. Cast bait up to 500m, uninterrupted signal covers vast waters. Level 4 wind resistance, dual-hull stability, worry-free travel. One-touch return, auto-return end signal woes. 28 waypoints stored, under 2m accuracy, clear trajectory display. Let GPS guide your journey, Boatman BL GPS Version, smart navigation, fishing joy redefined!"


Pro Version:
"Boatman Fighter Series Bait Boat Pro Version, designed for skilled anglers. Dual-frequency sonar, 80m depth, 100° angle, 0.1m precision. Identifies fish sizes, real-time terrain, depth, and water temp - tailors prime spots. High-speed motor, 1.3m/s swift dual propulsion, hooks deep-water trophies. LED lights illuminate night fishing, with clarity in every direction. Boatman BL Pro, professional navigation, elevate your catch!"


Boatman Fighter Bait Boat Series has a range of exceptional features catering to diverse anglers. GPS smart navigation, one-touch return - effortless sailing. Pro Version takes it further, advanced tech and potent performance, empower your fishing strategy. Choose Boatman BL for cutting-edge tech, smarter sailing, and richer catch!


Product Name Fighter Bait Boat
Model:  Fighter 
Anti-waveLevel:  Level 4 
Hopper Capacity:  4kg 
Working time:  3.5h 
Battery:  7.4V-20000mah*1
Confiquration: GPS/PRO
Control Distance:  500m 
Maxspeed:  80m/min
Boat Size:  67*41*28cm
Packing size:  74*45*35cm
GPS Parameter  
Waypoint:  1 Home Point,28 Navigation point
Distance presentacion : Between boat and home point
  Between boat and target point
  Between boat and navigation point
Automatic Return :  
   Beyond max navigation distance
   Signal lost 
   Low battery
   Auto return after releasing bait
SONAR Parameter
Screen display:  4.7 inch 
Detection Angle:  100° 
Accuracy error:  10cm 
Small fish size:  10-40cm
Big fish size:  more than 80cm
Detection depth: 0.6-80m 
Working distance:  300m 
Fish alarm :  distinguish the size of fish 
Middle fish size: 40-80cm


Boatman is a professional manufacturer of RC bait boats. We specialize in bulk exporting of RC bait boats worldwide. Feel free to inquire about bulk orders and request a quotation from us!



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