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Boatman RF100 Fish Finder

Dive into the future of fishing with the RF100 Fish Finder. Unveil underwater mysteries with SONAR precision. Detect Angle: 100°, Depth: 0.6-40m, Range: 200m. Pinpoint accuracy, 10cm error. Fish alarm categorizes sizes: Small (10-40cm), Middle (40-80cm), Big (80cm+). Elevate your angling game today!

Experience underwater discovery with the Fish Finder's powerful SONAR features. Uncover the depths with a 100° detection angle, exploring 0.6-40m down, accurate within 10cm. Operate effortlessly up to 200m away. Its fish alarm differentiates sizes: from small fish, 10-40cm, to medium fish, 40-80cm, and large fish, over 80cm. Elevate your angling prowess with technology that redefines underwater exploration.


Product Name RF100 fish finder
SONAR Parameter
Detection Angle:  100°
Detection depth: 0.6-40m
Working distance:  200m
Accuracy error:  10cm
Fish alarm:  distinguish the size of fish
Small fish size:  10-40cm
Middle fish size:  40-80cm
Big fish size :  more than 80cm



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