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Boatman Actor Series RC Bait Boat

Actor Series RC Bait Boats – Four versions, endless excitement. Basic for exploration, Sonar for smart fishing, GPS for precision navigation, and Pro for expert upgrade. 360° freedom, sonar fish detection, one-touch return. Wind-resistant, unwavering stability. Perfect for beginners & pros, crafting diverse water experiences. Boat control on deck, aquatic joy at your fingertips. Your voyage, your rules.

Basic Version: On-Deck Control, Explore Waters Freely

A vessel for nature exploration, Actor's Basic RC Bait Boat immerses you in aquatic realms. Easy maneuvering, 360° mobility – forward, backward, sideways – all at your fingertips. Sturdy wave resistance, Level 3 wind resilience for smoother sailing. Smart cruise control maintains the pace, and returns automatically – an immersive, precise sailing experience.


Sonar Version: Sonar-Driven Fishing Adventure

Actor's Sonar RC Bait Boat elevates fishing to new heights. 3.5-inch display, 100° detection angle, underwater scenes rendered accurately. Precision within 0.1m error, small to large fish targets easily locked. Sonar technology eradicates guesswork, and size-specific fish alarms enhance intelligence and efficiency.


GPS Version: Precision Navigation by Your Side

Actor's GPS RC Bait Boat offers impeccable navigation. 1 home point, 16 waypoints, and effortless water navigation. Intelligent return in signal loss or exceeding range. Distances among boat, return, and target points are finely calibrated. One-touch operation – depart from home, navigate to target, reel back home.


Pro Version: Ultimate Professional Upgrade

Actor's Pro RC Bait Boat delivers professional-grade performance for ultimate aquatic joy. Dual motor propulsion, 70m/min speed, leading you into uncharted waters. 5000mAh/10000mAh lithium battery ensures extended adventures. Features sonar, GPS, and auto-navigation, granting professional ease, and precision.


Actor Series RC Bait Boats cater to diverse needs – Basic for exploration, Sonar for intelligent angling, GPS for precision navigation, and Pro for unparalleled performance. Each version offers distinct aquatic experiences. Whether a novice or a pro angler, Actor RC Bait Boat becomes your capable companion for waterborne delights.


Product Name Actor Series RC Bait Boat
Model Actor
Anti wave level Level 3
Hopper load 1.5kg 
Working time 2.5~5h
Battery 7.4V-5000mah/10000mah
Control distance 500m
Max speed 70m/min
Product size 51*27*19cm
Packing size 56*29*24cm
Configuration Basic / GPS / Sonar / Pro
GPS Parameter
Waypoint 1 Home point,16 Navigation points
Automatic return beyond max navigation distance signal lost 
Distance presentation Between boat and home point 
  Between the boat and the target point
  Between the boat and navigation point 
SONAR Parameter
Screen display 3.5 inch
Detection angle  100°
Accuracy error 0.1m
Small fish size 10-40cm
Big fish size more than 80cm
Detection depth 0.6-40m
Working distance 300m
Fish alarm distinguish fish size
Middle fish size 40-80cm


Boatman is a professional manufacturer of RC bait boats. We specialize in bulk exporting of RC bait boats worldwide. Feel free to inquire about bulk orders and request a quotation from us!



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