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Boatman Fighter Series Bait Boat

1. 28 Gps points 
2. GPS accuracy is 1meter
3. Show distance between boat and point saved.
4. Auto-pilot to saved point
5.15. Sonar with 30meters depth, 60degrees detecting angle.
6. Sonar accuracy is 0.1meter.

1.Release bait: Release bait with 4 hoppers separately;

2. 4 hoppers: Two in mid of the boat body, Two in rear.

3. 4 hoppers capacity is 4Kg.

4. Lithium polymer battery with 7.4V/20A capacity.

5. Lithium polymer battery is safe, with stable feature, discharge and charging protection.

  1. Working time is 2.5hours.
  2. Battery Power bar to show the power of the boat.
  3. Rear Light to know the direction of boat well.
  4. Two Front lights good for night fishing
  5. Hopper release indicator: the rear lights will flash.
  6. One rear system to release hook.
  7. RC distance is 500meters.
  8. Boat go smoothly and balance on the water with two parts at the bottom of the hull.
  9. 28 Gps points
  10. GPS accuracy is 1meter
  11. Show distance between boat and point saved.
  12. Auto-pilot to saved point
  13. Auto-Release bait
  14. Return Automatically when remote controller is out of signal or low power.
  15. Sonar with 30meters depth, 60degrees detecting angle.
  16. Sonar accuracy is 0.1meter.


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