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Boatman Surfer Bait Boat

Boatman Surfer Bait Boat: Engineered with ABS for durability. 2.4GHz wireless, 500m range. Dual 11.1V 20Ah lithium batteries offer 7hrs of use. Max speed 75m/min. GPS-guided with 28-point navigation. Optional sonar fish finder. Perfectly sized at 804x342x304mm, 7kg. Dive into fishing innovation!

Elevate your fishing game with the Boatman Surfer Bait Boat. Crafted from durable ABS engineering material, it ensures reliability in every adventure. Navigate effortlessly with 2.4GHz wireless frequency over 500 meters. Dual 11.1V 20Ah lithium batteries provide a remarkable 7-hour work time. Reach a max speed of 75 meters per minute, while the 1 hopper and hook release enhance precision bait placement. GPS autopilot with 28-point navigation charts your course, while the optional sonar fish finder takes your fishing to the next level by detecting depths from 0.6 to 40 meters. Compact at 804x342x304mm and lightweight at 7kg, it's designed to accompany you on your fishing expeditions. The Boatman Surfer Bait Boat redefines angling technology.


Boatman Surfer Bait Boat Surfer Bait Boat
Material  ABS Engineering Material
Wireless Frequency 2.4GHz
Distance Range 500 Meters
Battery Capacity  2 * 11.1V 20Ah lithium battery
Working Time  7 hours
Speed  Max 75 Meters / Minute
Hopper Quantity  1
Hook Release  1
GPS Autopilot 28 points navigation
Sonar Fish Finder  Optional
Detect Depth  0.6-40 meters  
Size 804*342*304mm 
Weight   7Kg 


Boatman is a professional manufacturer of RC bait boats. We specialize in bulk exporting of RC bait boats worldwide. Feel free to inquire about bulk orders and request a quotation from us!



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