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Boatman Heating Cushion & Heating Gloves

Experience warmth like never before with our Heating Cushion and Gloves. Washable design (battery removal required), achieving rated temperature in just 30 seconds. Waterproof cushion and anti-skid gloves. Convenient USB charging, certified for quality and safety (CE, FCC, MSDS, UN38.3). Embrace comfort and style in every touch!

Stay warm and cozy anytime, anywhere with our Heating Cushion and Heating Gloves. The Heating Cushion, made from durable 210D Oxford cloth, offers three temperature levels (45-50°C for 2.5hrs, 40-45°C for 3.5hrs, 35-40°C for 5hrs), while also doubling as a 5000mAh power bank. Perfect for soothing warmth and on-the-go charging.


Our Heating Gloves, crafted from a three-in-one composite fabric, are designed in ML size and feature three temperature settings (60-65°C for 2.5hrs, 50-60°C for 3.5hrs, 45-50°C for 5hrs) powered by a 4000mAh battery. Embrace the comfort of heated gloves to tackle chilly days effortlessly. Experience warmth like never before.


Product Name Heating Cushion
Material 210D Oxford cloth
Size Average
Output Power 5V 1.54A
Batteries capacity 5000mAh Can be used as a power bank
Temperature Levels 3 levels
Temperature:  45-50C(2.5Hrs) 40-45C(35Hrs) 35-40C(5Hrs)
Product Name Heating Gloves
Material three-in-one composite fabric
Size ML
Output Power 5V 1.25A
Batteries capacity 4000mAh
Temperature Levels 3 levels
Temperature 60-65C(2.5Hrs) 50-60C(3.5Hrs) 45-50C(5Hrs)


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