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Boatman Foldable Solar Panel

Innovative folding solar panels, portable and efficient energy weapon. Using high-quality single crystal silicon, PET lamination technology, 600D PVC cover, and rubber waterproof fabric, ensure durable waterproofing.

Unleash the power of sunlight with our Foldable Solar Panel. Crafted from cutting-edge materials - Monocrystalline silicon & PET laminated panels, wrapped in 600D PVC cover & waterproof fabric. Unfold to 1900*540*10mm, fold to 540*380*35mm. Boasting 120W power, 22%+1% conversion efficiency. Complete with junction box and adapters. Embrace clean energy today!


Product Name Foldable Solar Panel
Basic Parameters
Materials Monocrystalline silicon, PET laminated solar panel, 600D PVC cover, rubber waterproof fabric
Size Unfolding 1900*540*10mm;
Size Folding 540*380*35mm;
Power 120W
Cell conversion efficiency 22% + 1%
package includes a junction box, adapter  


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