1. Product Features and Performance
Q: What are the main functions of the boatman nesting boat?
A: Leader model bait ship with automatic homing, GPS navigation, remote control and other functions.

Q: What does anti-wave grade 5 mean?
A: A wave protection rating of 5 means that the bait boat can maintain stability under harsh water conditions, which helps to improve the reliability of the operation.

Q: What are the advantages of GPS/PRO configuration?
A: GPS/PRO configuration enables the bait ship to have more accurate positioning and navigation functions, and can accurately control the ship's movement path.

2. Guidelines for use
Q: How do I set up waypoint navigation?
A: On the set Home Point and Navigation point, set the waypoint according to the instruction manual, and the bait ship will sail according to the predetermined path.

Q: How do I use the auto-return feature?
A: The bait boat will automatically return when the maximum navigation distance is exceeded, the signal is lost or the battery is low, ensuring the safe return of the boat.

Q: How to realize automatic return after releasing bait correctly?
A: After releasing the bait, the bait boat will automatically return to Home Point without manual operation


3. Maintenance and upkeep
Q: How to maintain the battery of the bait boat?
A: Please charge regularly and follow the charging recommendations in the manual to extend battery life.

Q: How to clean and maintain the bait boat?
A: Use water to gently clean the appearance, avoid water. Check parts and connections regularly to make sure they are not loose or damaged.

4. Troubleshooting
Q: What if the bait boat loses signal?
A: If the signal is lost, the bait ship will automatically return to the starting point, and you can reconnect to continue operation.

Q: What if it is within the scope of the voyage but cannot return automatically?
A: Please check if interference or obstacles are affecting the signal, make sure the vessel is operating in an open area


5. FAQ
Q: How long is the working time of the bait boat?
A: The Leader model bait boat can work for 5 hours, depending on the usage and conditions.

Q: How does a sonar fish probe determine the size of a fish?
A: The sonar fish probe can identify fish of different sizes and distinguish between small and large fish by alarming.

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